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Templates for a Scientific Journal

In the 2020/2021 Winter, I created templates for the Georgetown Scientific Research Journal. My design choices were guided by the World Intellectual Property Organization's "Accessible Publishing Best Practice Guidelines for Publishers" document.  One of my biggest priorities, when I began creating the templates, was accessibility. Some of the practices I implemented were high contrast colors, 12pt font size minimum, simplistic fonts (Caslon and Spectral), large gutters between columns, clear subheadings, and web-accessible PDFs. The web-accessible PDF is important so that people who use text-to-speech software or have extensions to convert text to dyslexic friendly fonts (like Open Dyslexic) can utilize their preferred accessibility software. 

Another large concern of mine, naturally, was aesthetics. I kept my design choices neat and simple. I kept the stylistic elements two-dimensional to avoid unnecessary embellishments. I decided to use a solid blue (in keeping with Georgetown's school colors) banner to unite the templates to make them feel like a cohesive set of work. It is important to know that I did not create the logo for the journal. 

I hope you enjoy looking at my work. 

Templates I designed

Full Edition

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