• alannacronk7

"God is a Night Owl"

Updated: Mar 10

God, would it be okay if you held me up? Propped my limp body with crutches and twine, Even if I am too human to recognize you are there. Will you love me even if I may never admit you are present? Would you still watch me even if I will not exalt your name? Could you be my companion, and love me as your creation? Could you be there when I cannot understand the day’s unceasing trauma? You left the light on in the church last night. My friend told me, “God is a night owl.” Were you there? Do you know? Could you have seen how decrepit my soul had become? You hold me in these moments I am utterly untethered. Even though I deny you, there is some quality to these encounters, And I feel you guiding me, offering respite. Could you keep doing that for me? Could you be there? Really be there. Not a pastor, preacher, priest, and especially not a man But you. Could you sit in the lonely, tempestuous night with me? Could you leave the light on?

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