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Border Angels and Their strategy more a more ethical border


Border Angels is a non-profit organization that utilizes what they call “direct community engagement” to create a more humane immigration process. With events like the strategic water drop, clinics with free legal advice for undocumented immigrants and so much more, our aim is to examine how these interactions with the immigrant population influence change from the bottom- up. Within the ethnographic research, we will take on an active membership in order to garner qualitative observations at events. Through our interviewing the organization’s leaders and experiencing their work first-hand, we will be able to understand not only the necessity of Border Angels’ work, but also the unique capacity their direct and targeted efforts have to facilitate social justice. Border Angels’ identity as a non-governmental agency is essential to their work. This allows them to create initiatives that establish a trusting and working relationship with the undocumented community in a way no government agency ever could. It is this special relationship that gives the stability people in the migrant communities need to have their distinct needs visible to law-making bodies. Isolating what makes Border Angels’ brand of bottom-up advocacy effective is necessary to understanding the complexity of the southern border and creating real political change.


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