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My name is Alanna Cronk. I am an undergraduate student double majoring in English and philosophy at Georgetown University. I am an aspiring academic and hope to pursue a Ph.D. in philosophy after I complete undergraduate study. This website hosts copies of my work. I would love for you to take a look. 

    About me

    "See that building over there Alanna? That's where I created you with your father."

    Okay, so maybe I don't need to go that far back. But, I have always been a very thorough person. What could anyone want to know about me, though? Maybe I should tell you how I still sleep with a stuffed animal. Or maybe you want to know about how I cried when I watched the second, fifth, and sixth Terminator movies. Or maybe you would find it interesting that I have a tattoo in honor of Medea— the one that murdered her two children to spite her ex and was subsequently taken up into the heavens by the gods in a chariot. Or maybe it's too soon for that. Maybe we don't know each other like that. 

    In any case, I am from Southern California. I have lived all around Ventura County and Los Angeles. My family has been in Ventura for centuries-- I am part of the Barbareño-Venureño Band of Chumash Indians. 

    Outside of academia, I have many eclectic interests: cooking, mechanical keyboards, art restoration, dogs, photography, aquatic husbandry, and sleep. Inside of academia, I also have many eclectic interests: intersectional disability studies, symbolic logic, ethnography, applied ethics, rhetoric, and persuasion. 

    I want to be a researcher and create work that is thought-provoking. I want to create accessible multimedia works like zines and one-pagers and collages that communicate all the same ideas as the traditional long and wordy academic paper (although, I do plan on writing those too). 

    Also, I am a multiracial, queer, disabled person. So, there's that. 


    I love doing stuff. Let's talk.

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