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Academic Projects by Alanna Cronk

Portfolio of Work

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Logic in Wonderland

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April 2021

This paper and presentation examine semiotics and symbolic logic throughout Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This analysis concludes that the logic within Wonderland is consistent with that of the surface.  However, what creates the fantasy of Wonderland is its incomplete signs which give creative space to imagine  curiosities. 

Hey Beautiful: Calling Out Catcalling Culture

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May 2020

This project is an ethnographic study detailing responses to catcalling. The intention of this work is to describe catcalling's emotional depth and moral consequence. Creative work and research become one in this independent research project.



Summer 2021

1AC-CESSIBILITY is firmly committed to incorporating the needs, opinions, and desires of the greater disabled speech and debate community in our advocacy. To create change, this organization will directly approach speech and debate governing bodies with detailed feedback on how we believe this activity could change and be more accessible. 1AC runs an online campaign across social media and an exhibition tournament to raise awareness. 

"muwašəʼəʼətš lokalamʼipʰpi ʼan yəlaʼa lokatšotšonəʼəš ʼan tsiyəmə"

I don’t believe what they say about fishes being dumb.

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